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Post Surgical Physiotherapy

Post Surgical Physiotherapy

Post-surgical rehabilitation is crucial to regaining pain-free function and returning to daily activities safely and more quickly. Post-operative physical therapy safely eases patients back into daily activity and regular exercise. Our physical therapists perform a thorough evaluation post-surgery and develop a customized treatment plan to minimize adverse effects from surgery and restore normal movement, flexibility, and function. Post-surgery rehabilitation helps patients to manage post-operative pain, regain motion and strength, decrease pain, stiffness, and swelling and return to their daily activities more quickly. Post-surgical rehabilitation can take several months and it is essential to begin physical therapy shortly after surgery so that the joint can heal properly and minimize scar tissue development. Physical therapy following surgery will lead to a faster recovery

At Udaan Physio, we are dealing with several post operative physio care in Patna and has turned out to be the best post operative physiotherapist in the city. Remember, the success of surgery doesn’t finish when a patient leaves the operating theatre. There are other challenges too waiting for him/her. A surgery is an initial step for getting the best outcome. After that, a post-operative rehabilitation program goes till you get back to your normal life.

While in the hospital, some simple exercises to avoid complications like chest infection and blood clots are suggested. After getting discharged, you need the best post operative physiotherapy. It is when our role comes. We aim to provide specific exercise to help you regain your flexibility, strength and function.

How does it Work?

After surgery, the physiotherapist will show you how to get on and off a chair, use assistive devices, and improve your mobility. Your physiotherapist will teach you pain management strategies and create an exercise plan for faster recovery. Post-operative physical therapy can be a crucial part of returning back to your normal activity.

A skilled therapist can help reduce the side effects of surgery, such as pain and inflammation. We are happy to assist patients before and after ligament repair, arthroscopy, decompressions, tendon transfers, total joint replacements, and ACL repairs. Our programs can decrease the risk of complications and help you achieve a full range of motion.

Benefits of Post Surgical Physiotherapy

It’s important to start a post-surgical rehabilitation plan as soon as your doctor states that you’re ready. The following are a few of the benefits of post-surgical rehab.

Improve Circulation– Improved circulation not only facilitates faster healing but reduces the chance of a blood clot forming. Something as simple as massage can improve circulation. Many types of basic exercises and simple movements prescribed by a physical therapist can promote increased blood circulation.

Reduce Pain and Swelling – The right type of post-surgical treatment can help reduce the amount of pain and swelling you experience after your surgery. Icing and ultrasound are both techniques a physical therapist may use to reduce localized swelling and pain. According to PT in Motion News, patients that received the same day, post-operative physical therapy needed fewer opioids after knee surgery.

Regain Lost Strength– The more quickly you regain strength and stamina, the more quickly you’ll get back to your daily routine. A physical therapy program can be designed to target the specific areas in your body that need strengthening after surgery.

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