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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

The Sports Physiotherapy is a specialization of physiotherapy, which is aimed at all those who perform a sports practiced regularly, either within a basic, amateur, d’elite and / or sports-health practice. In this case, the function of Physio Sport, will be the implementation of treatment by physical agents such as electrotherapy, thermotherapy (heat), manual therapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercises in different special techniques to focus their objectives, intended solely for recovery and sports rehabilitation of the injured patient.

Likewise, the Sports Physiotherapist, you must have knowledge both anatomical, physiological, such as pathomechanical knowledge of sports injury. This conduct from a physician Diagnostic Checks (normally Traumatology), a protocol and a proper exercise and customized treatment to each case therapeutical tables.

I emphasize stress the utmost importance i priority by the physiotherapist, inicidir in preventing injuries athlete, creating as we have mentioned above, a protocol customized to each treatment, as well as specific treatment pre-competition and immediately postcompeticion.


    Sports injuries are high-performance injuries that require utmost care. A Sports physiotherapist works closely with the athlete/ team to identify the requirements of a particular sport and bring out the best result post-injury in performance. For instance, if a midfield footballer injures his ankle while playing football and goes through rehab. He is given specialized rehab exercises to be able to run, cut directions and manipulate the ball like before the injury as per his sport. Depending on the sport a customized rehab program is designed to assist the athlete back to the sport. If it’s a cricket injury like hypertension in a fast bowler, then the bowler is guided to exercises that prevent hyperextension or stabilize the spine and assist in his return to cricket.

    Sports physiotherapy can in fact provide various treatment modalities. The treatment approaches towards back pain and neck pain in regular patients will be dealt with various treatment techniques used in sports therapy and mainly on movement rehabilitation. For instance, Running has been taken up by many regular individuals for fitness, but they struggle with injuries due to a lack of guidance/knowledge.


    Most of the physiotherapy centers do offer help in tackling different cardiopulmonary issues. They do work on ways to improve the breathing and endurance levels of athletes that enable them to perform their day-to-day activities in a better way. Most sports therapists do offer benefits when it comes to spinal cord injury treatment, several sclerosis, neurological disorders, etc. Sports physiotherapists do have the right equipment and knowledge to help in addressing persistent, severe, and overuse injuries. They do play an important role in any sportsperson's performance and health.

    Depending on the kind of injury, it takes a number of weeks or months for one to recover completely. A physiotherapist helps one with gentle exercises that stimulates the tissues and muscles of the injury for the restoration of complete physical movement prior to the injury level. The physiotherapists gradually introduce various stretching and strengthening exercises with the reduction of pain. Sports physiotherapists offer customized recovery programs as per the type of injury, so as to better facilitate the entire recovery process.

  • Why do I need to see a Sports Physio when I have no sports injury?

    There is a misconception that one should see a sports physiotherapist when he/she has a sports injury. They should know that apart from getting you out from injury, sports physical care can be preventive too. Our physiotherapist will visit you when you have sprain or pain even after the injury has recovered. Some manual sessions can provide relief and reduce the risk of future injury.

    Sometimes, a sportsperson doesn’t realize that a sports injury is new, old, ongoing, acute or chronic. Without treatment, the problem goes severe which can make life miserable. Therefore, a sports physiotherapist let you perform movement freely and focus on your goal rather than injuries.

How Does a Sports Physiotherapist Help You Out?

If you are a serious sports enthusiast, visiting a sports physio care is a part of your regime. It enables you to chase your dream. If you are regular gym goers, keeping in touch with a physiotherapist is a great way to continue your spirit of the exercise.

Did you know when you involve yourself in some exercise, running or any sports activity, your muscles tendons and joints warm up and fill with blood? The process gives necessary oxygen and nutrients to the body, releases CO2 and lactic acid. It helps to repair the body tissue.

While involving in some sports activities, the body repairs itself automatically. But things go wrong when injuries or a sprain occur to an athlete. Sports players work hard in the playground and at some point, the muscles tissue and joints breakdown. It causes pain, swelling, and redness. At that time, you can find us backing you by providing the best rehabilitation program.

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